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epilady's Journal

this could put a big dent in my surgeries
2raumwohnung, a horse named wildfire, abe kobo, absinthe, alcazar, atheism, aventurera, bataille, bees, being the phallus, brigette lin, butches, cats, chestertodd, cooking, corsets, costume, critical race theory, cultural histories, depilation, derrida, diamanda galas, dionne warwick, downtempo, drag, drag queens, drunken dressup, earworm radio, eating above my means, ecru awareness, ecru by choice, etymology, exfoliation, exploding vintage stoves, fairuz, faux fur, femme, femmes, fidm, firepitarianism, fluffy bondage unicorns, flunk, forteana, francoise hardy, frantz fanon, furry pirate dinosaurs, gay driving lessons, geoff ryman, giraffes, glitter, gourd porn, hans bellmer, hawaii, heteronormativity, high femmes, iconoclasm, impeach bush, invisible finger of god, ironic costume, irony, jan toorop, jon macy's tropo, judith butler, lacan, lesbian motorboats, lobster, lobster yoga, loose-leaf tea, lynda hart, macintosh, margaritas, marshmallow hazing, meat, miniature ponies, murderous carpetry, natacha atlas, nietzsche, onnabe, orlando patterson, oyster bogarting, pico place 4eva, pink, pirate group therapy, platforms, pocket fambly, pockets, postqueer, postqueeraoke, poststructuralism, procrastinating, prosecco, provincetown secret language society, queer, queer marriage, red eyeshadow, riverdancing, russell hoban, sars, satin, sauce porn, sewing, shoes, siegfried and roy, sistahbitches, skee-ball, soccer coach mafia, squid hats, sushi, symbolism, takarazuka, thievery corporation, tiaras, tightlacing, travel, ukaoke, white trash academics, wigs, wine, world travel, yoga, yukari oshima